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Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants - Prioritising Safety

Members included on the Society’s Professional Register must abide by the following Code of Conduct in their Professional Practice:

  • Prioritise safety and welfare and use only behaviour modification or training techniques considered appropriate, safe and humane by the Society. Members found (by simple majority vote of the Society’s Committee) to have given advice, condoned or used behaviour modification or training techniques giving  rise to safety or welfare concern, or involving inappropriate, unsafe or inhumane equipment, practices of behaviour modification or training techniques, or to have given inappropriate or inaccurate advice, will be immediately removed from the Register and expelled from the Society without refund of fees.

  • Use a logical, evidence based, client centred, diagnostic approach and offer the safest, most humane, practicable and cost-effective advice for each client and select from all safe and humane training techniques that most appropriate for each client and their horse(s). Findings, advice and training techniques must be accurately described and explained honestly at the level of detail and in a manner appropriate for each client.

  • Use appropriate written records and keep and manage client data as required by current legislation and are responsible for checking their own published details are correct and up to date and notifying the Society immediately of changes.

  • Offer the highest standards of customer service based on generic professional and business practices and, when appropriate, refer to and liaise appropriately with suitably qualified insured professionals from other disciplines, as part of a multidisciplinary team working together for the benefit of clients and their horse(s).