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About SEBC

What is The Society of Behaviour Consultants?

The Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants (SEBC) is the professional body regulating the practice of registered Equine Behaviour Consultants in the UK.  We are a registered charity, number SC047280.

Our Aims

  • To protect the public and horses by maintaining a register of qualified and insured equine behaviour consultants who are required to prioritise safety and welfare and offer the highest standards of customer service
  • To make the register accessible to the public and related professions
  • To set standards and regulate the professional practice of Equine Behaviour Consultants

  • To provide education, examination and CPD for Equine Behaviour Consultants

  • To provide information on safety and welfare aspects of equine behaviour and training

  • To publicise and promote the use of qualified and insured Equine Behaviour Consultants

Registered SEBC Consultants
Professional Registration is open to practicing Equine Behaviour Consultants who hold qualifications recognised by the Society, Click here to read more
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Dr Jill Butterworth is leading a campaign ‘Think Ahead’ to raise awareness and encourage equine vets and others to wear a safety helmet when handling horses.