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In connection with Covid 19 (coronavirus) SEBC advises consultations in person as Government advice allows and in accordance with the guidance circulated to all Registered Consultants on returning to work.

Returning to Work

SEBC’s position is that when Government guidelines allow, Registered Consultants should be able to return to work seeing cases under certain conditions.

These conditions are where advice via telephone and video is insufficient and where there are safety and welfare concerns for horse and handler or others, as is often the case with a behaviour problem. Where these conditions apply, the Society deems it ethical and appropriate for Registered Consultants to resume consultations in person, should they wish to do so and providing this can be done within Government guidelines in place at any time.

Detailed guidance on safe working practices in respect of Covid 19 has been circulated to all SEBC Registered Consultants and can be made available to anyone who wishes by contacting the Society ( or calling 01899 221 888.

Free Helpline

We have also extended our free helpline (for help with behaviour problems) to cover advice on all aspects of horse care and safety around horses at this time. Call 01899 221 888 where, if we cannot answer straight away, you can leave your details for a call back, and we will do our best to assist you.

The Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants (SEBC) is a registered charity (SC047280) and professional body, aiming to protect the public and horses by maintaining a register of qualified and insured Equine Behaviour Consultants, making this accessible to the public and related professions and publicising and promoting the use of qualified and insured  Consultants.

The Society provides education, examination and CPD for Equine Behaviour Consultants, to maintain the highest standards of professional practice.

SEBC Registered Equine Behaviour Consultants work to a strict code of professional practice, prioritising safety and welfare and offering the highest standards of customer service.

Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants
There are four levels of Registration, determined by professional and academic qualifications held, with 3 categories depending on riding instructing qualifications held. Click here to read more
Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants Professional Training
SEBC Professional Training Certificates are obtained by examination. Eligibility for examination is by submission of a satisfactory portfolio within 60 days of an examination date. Click here to read more
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Registered Equine Behaviour Consultants offer advice on all aspects of horse behaviour and strive to find practical solutions to all kinds of equine behaviour problems. Click here to read more

Training Courses

There are currently two accredited training courses in the UK, including by webinar with practical days around the country. Courses are currently running at capacity, with the next intake of students planned for September 2021. Applications can be accepted now and should be in at the latest by the end of July 2021.

For further information and details on how to apply;

Debbie Marsden
or call 01899 221888

Ashley Durie
or call 07808 714 243

Course Information
Click here for more information about Courses, including fees, dates, venues and how to enrol.

SEBC Accreditation

Look out for the SEBC logo; accredited consultants, trainers and tutors are entitled to display these logos on their own websites or promotional material.

SEBC Professional Accredited Trainer
SEBC Registered Trainer

The Society’s next AGM is scheduled to be held by Zoom on the 25th July 2021