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Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants

The Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants (SEBC) is the professional body regulating the practice of registered Equine Behaviour Consultants in the UK.  The Society maintains a register of qualified and insured equine behaviour consultants. The Society also provides education, examination and CPD for Equine Behaviour Consultants.

About Us

The Society aims to protect the public and horses by maintaining the register, making this accessible to the public and related professions and publicising and promoting the use of qualified and insured Equine Behaviour Consultants.

Equine Behaviour Consultants work to a strict code of professional practice, prioritising safety and welfare and offering the highest standards of customer service.

Latest News – exam dates announced – 

24th November 2017 Tannoch Stables near Cumbernauld

Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants

Registered Consultants

There are four levels of Registration, determined by professional and academic qualifications held, with 3 categories depending on riding instructing qualifications held.
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Society of Equine Behaviour

Professional Training

The required Professional Training Certificates are obtained by examination. Eligibility for examination is by submission of a satisfactory portfolio within 60 days of an examination date.
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Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants - Horse on the beach

Find a Consultant

Registered Equine Behaviour Consultants offer advice on all aspects of horse behaviour and strive to find practical solutions to all kinds of equine behaviour problems.
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